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Established as part of bank restructuring program of Indonesia's government on October 2nd 1998 and after years of transformation, Bank Mandiri has become the best bank and most admired financial institution in Indonesia. The key to our success is our people & culture through innovation and teamwork. At Mandiri we have the prosperous spirit through innovation & teamwork. We are a bank with dream & strive to be the pride of Indonesia. Lead as the best bank in ASEAN region by 2020. Thus we are looking for the best people with the strive to be the best and those people might be you.

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# Position Work Location Date Posted Application Deadline
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1. Kriya Mandiri - Frontliner Kanwil XII Jayapura19 Dec 2015
2. Kriya Mandiri - Frontliner Kanwil XI Denpasar19 Dec 2015
3. Kriya Mandiri - Frontliner Kanwil X Makassar19 Dec 2015
4. Kriya Mandiri - Frontliner Kanwil IX Banjarmasin19 Dec 2015
5. Kriya Mandiri Kanwil VIII Surabaya19 Dec 2015
6. Kriya Mandiri - Frontliner Kanwil VII Semarang19 Dec 2015
7. Kriya Mandiri - Frontliner Kanwil VI Bandung19 Dec 2015
8. Kriya Mandiri - Frontliner Jabodetabek19 Dec 2015
9. Kriya Mandiri - Frontliner Palembang19 Dec 2015
10. Kriya Mandiri - Frontliner Kanwil I Medan19 Dec 2015
11. Credit Recovery Supporting Staff Jakarta,Bogor,Depok,Tangerang,Bekasi19 Dec 2015
12. Credit Operation Staff Jakarta,Bogor,Depok,Tangerang,Bekasi19 Dec 2015
13. Strategic Marketing & Communication Staff Jakarta,Bogor,Depok,Tangerang,Bekasi19 Dec 2015
14. Secretary Jakarta,Bogor,Depok,Tangerang,Bekasi19 Dec 2015

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